NCUK Study Centre, Wuhan Britain-China School were just one of the many schools which had to face the news at the end of the Chinese New Year break that they would have to remain shut. Teachers and students had to stay at home to help limit the spread of the virus. As a result, the Study Centre has initiated a programme of online learning so the students can continue their studies. The same is happening across NCUK Study Centres impacted by the closures. Together, we are facing the challenges of facilitating the all-important engagement between teacher and student.

Zhang Tianchen and Zhang Xinwei, students from the school in Wuhan made a video to share their experience of living through the COVID-19 situation. Their story was shared on CGTN news channel and the video gives a real sense of how the outbreak has affected the vibrant city of Wuhan. The insights from the students’ perspective includes how it happened from the initial lockdown to how they have had to adapt their lives and study styles to get through each day. Their heartbreaking reactions to those that were not able to return to their families and the numbers of fatalities after the national holiday illustrate the stark reality of living in the city.

NCUK are committed to supporting its students and partners in China and throughout the world during this uncertain time. Katy Christie, NCUK Regional Manager (China and Indonesia) and Harry Feng, NCUK Market Development Manager (China) have both commented on the situation,