About Us

TM College is a learning centre that facilitates students in high school and above with international-minded educational pathways. We understand that education in today’s fast-pace era is more than just knowledge in a book, rather it is how we can cope with the international community both in the way we think and the way we communicate.

As an institution, we are passionate about creating greater international exposure for students, especially in Indonesia. We believe international education should be accessible and affordable for all Indonesian students and so we look to offer programmes that serve this very goal.

We are also a big believer in well-roundedness. We aspire to create a learning community that does not only focus on academics, but also character, social skills, as well as empathy in order for our community to become changemakers in the local and global society.

We hope that your visit to our website enables you to get a taste of TM College. We invite you to contact us for more information or even to come and visit us so we can proudly show you around.