1102, 2021

Virtual Info Session TM College dan goKampus Bersama Education New Zealand

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TM College bekerjasama dengan goKampus menyelenggarakan info session secara daring bersama Education New Zealand. Info session ini dilaksanakan pada Rabu, 27 Januari pukul 15.00 WIB via zoom. Narasumber info session adalah Ibu Naluri, Kepala Bidang [...]

2710, 2020

Study UK 2020 : During Covid-19

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Ketua PPI UK mengatakan yang harus dipersiapkan untuk ke UK adalah : Letter of Acceptance Visa Application Arrival4 Setting In (accommodation)  “Lapor Diri” University Registration Bank Account Mobile Phone Plan Berikut adalah kisi-kisi dokumen yang [...]

1805, 2020

Should I Study Abroad?

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A group of researchers from the London School of Economics and Political Science once conducted a study regarding “Reasons for studying abroad”. They surveyed students from all around the European Union on why they would [...]

1904, 2020

A Student’s Perspective – What’s it like to learn in the epicentre of COVID-19?

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NCUK Study Centre, Wuhan Britain-China School were just one of the many schools which had to face the news at the end of the Chinese New Year break that they would have to remain shut. [...]


810, 2020

TM College – University Info Week

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Hi everyone! TM College will host a virtual university info session with NCUK (The Northern Consortium United Kingdom) and university representative on Monday, 12th October 2020 - Friday,  16th October 2020 at 4pm-5pm (GMT+7). You [...]

1908, 2020

TMLC – Website Development Fundamental

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Website is the gateway to the internet, a bridge between one who wants to share information and those who want to consume it. It helps you reach out to potential clients at a global stage. [...]

608, 2020

TMLC – Java Programming : From Beginner to Programmer

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Java is a high-level programming language is a MUST for students and working professionals to become a great Software Engineer specially when they are working in Software Development Domain. In this Course you will learn [...]

2707, 2020

TMLC – Designing The Best Experience Your User

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Designing an interface, either it was a website, desktop application, or mobile application, is not a simple task. you need to understand your user needs to give them the best experience when using your apps [...]

2707, 2020

Online Info Session TM College

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Hi everyone! TM College will host a virtual info session regarding the International Year One (IYOne) Programme with NCUK on Tuesday, 4th August 2020 at 4pm-5pm (GMT+7). For those of you interested, please register yourself [...]