1805, 2020

Should I Study Abroad?

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A group of researchers from the London School of Economics and Political Science once conducted a study regarding “Reasons for studying abroad”. They surveyed students from all around the European Union on why they would [...]

1904, 2020

A Student’s Perspective – What’s it like to learn in the epicentre of COVID-19?

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NCUK Study Centre, Wuhan Britain-China School were just one of the many schools which had to face the news at the end of the Chinese New Year break that they would have to remain shut. [...]


807, 2020

Online Info Session : Start Your Bachelor’s Degree in Jakarta

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Hi everyone! TM College will host a virtual info session regarding the International Year One (IYOne) Programme with NCUK on Wednesday, 15th July 2020 at 15.00 WIB. For those of you interested, please register yourself [...]

707, 2020

Questionnare Design for Market Research

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Hi learners!! TM College Learning Centre mengadakan webinar Market Research. Webinar series 3 ini dengan topik pembahasan Questionnare Design for Market Research yang dibawakan oleh pengajar TM College, Dr. N. Widyaningsih, M.Sc sebagai welcome speech dan Ms Ririn sebagai moderator. Webinar [...]

207, 2020

Expert Class Series : Business Strategy during Covid 19

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Hi learners!! TM College Learning Centre menghadirkan webinar Expert Class Sharing . Webinar ini akan dilaksanakan setiap hari Kamis pada bulan Juli. Gratis! Series 1 akan dimulai dengan topik pembahasan Business Strategy during Covid 19 yang dibawakan oleh Dr. Lamar Latri [...]

3006, 2020

Quantitative Approach for Market Research

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Hi learners!! TM College Learning Centre menghadirkan Market Research Series ke 3 ini dengan topik : Quantitative Approach for Market Research. Webinar ini akan diadakan pada Selasa, 14 Juli pukul 13.00-14.30 WIB yang dibawakan oleh oleh pengajar kami : Dr. N [...]

2306, 2020

Qualitative Approach for Market Research

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Hi learners!! TM College Learning Centre kembali hadir di Bulan Juli 2020. Workshop diadakan secara daring mengingat kondisi pandemi saat ini. Tentu aja nggak nyurutin niat belajar kalian donk! Webinar ini kelanjutan dari Market Research for [...]