University Preparation and Support

Did you know that 1/3 of all university students change their majors at least once during the first three years of university? Or that 20% of students enter university as “undeclared” in their majors? Choosing a university major is never an easy task; maybe because we do not have a clear picture of what to expect in university when we are in high school. Or maybe we just choose a certain major simply based on our personal hobby.

The goal of our Teaser Courses is to draw you a better picture of what to expect in different university majors, so that you can make informed decisions that suit your interests, talents, and skills. The courses will cover multiple branches of each university stream, each in the span of 4-8 weeks. Our instructors will talk about the actual materials covered in each of the learning branches, the expectations students should have when taking a certain major, as well as the career path after graduating with that university major.


Arts & Design Graphic,
Fashion, Interior Design

4 sessions
(Minimum participant : 5 students)


Business Management, Accounting &
Finance, Marketing, Human Resources

4 sessions
(Minimum participant : 5 students)


Information Technology / Computer
Science Programming, MIS

4 sessions
(Minimum participant : 5 students)


Economics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, International Economics

4 sessions
(Minimum participant : 5 students)

Research methodology for academic purposes

Writing an academic paper has never been an easy task to accomplish. Whether you are writing your thesis or structuring an academic journal, our course is designed to assist you with effective methods to conduct proper research to support your writing. The course will cover research methods required for different purposes, and how to best put the results obtained into your academic writing.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Definition of Research Methodology in an Academic Setting
2. Academic Writing Process
3. Research Methodologies
4. Data Collection and Formulation